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A Rulebook for Restless Rogues: A Victorian Romance (Lucky Lovers of London #2) by Jess Everlee

A Rulebook for Restless Rogues: A Victorian Romance (Lucky Lovers of London #2) by Jess Everlee

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Description : Jess Everlee follows up her sparkling debut The Gentleman's Book of Vices with this charming queer historical romp, in which two lifelong best friends find romance as they join forces to save the one place where they can truly be themselves. London, 1885 David Forester and Noah Clarke have been best friends since boarding school. All grown up now, clever, eccentric Noah is Savile Row's most promising young tailor, while former socialite David runs an underground queer club, The Curious Fox. Nothing makes David happier than to keep the incense lit, the pianist playing and all his people comfortable, happy and safe until they stumble out into the dawn. But when the unscrupulous baron who owns the Fox moves to close it, David's world comes crashing down. Noah's never feared a little high-stakes gambling, but as he risks his own career in hopes of helping David, he realizes two things: One: David has not been honest about how he ended up at The Curious Fox in the first place. Two: Noah's feelings for David have become far more than friendly. What future lies beyond those first furtive kisses? Noah and David can hardly wait to find out...if they can untangle David from his web of deception without losing everything Noah has worked for. Softcover; 336 pages

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