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His Sacred Incantations (The Warrior's Guild #2) by Scarlett Gale

His Sacred Incantations (The Warrior's Guild #2) by Scarlett Gale

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Description : An Illicit Desire Lucían left behind his cloister, his vows, and his self-denial when he joined Glory, first for a quest and then in her bed. He tells himself he should be happy, but when he looks at her strong arms, her sharp smile, and her smooth dominance, he wants--something he cannot yet name... A Deadly Foe A fatal threat lurks in the mountains above Granite Falls, attacking travelers with fangs and claws and a horrible curse. Lucían and Glory seek the cause, and he can't help wondering why it all seems so familiar, and why his dreams are full of cold stone and an evil presence... A Perilous Mission As their investigation proceeds, Lucían finds himself once more embroiled in an adventure he wasn't expecting, one full of dark magic and ghosts from his past. Haunted by what he can't change, Lucían makes a solemn vow: He'll end this, once and for all, or die trying... Softcover; 426 pages

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