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In Her House by Erika Rier

In Her House by Erika Rier

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Description : In Her House is an art object zine which can be enjoyed like a book or displayed as a piece of art on a shelf of mantelpiece. This zine is a concertina folded artist book that is black & white on one side and full color on the opposite side. One side features line drawings and the other gouache paintings. The book is digitally printed on white coverstock. The book consists of a series of houses and rooms, each page is carefully handcut and glued together by the artist. In addition to the concertina, there are also 2 double-side mountain lady paperdoll and a 4”x6” sheet of vinyl stickers that you can add into the rooms of your book. When fully extend the book measures about 40” long and the pages at their highest points are about 8” tall. Due to the handmade nature of this book each copy will have little variations.

Item Number : 51-3

Category : Art Book

Brand : @erika_rier


Condition Desc. : New


Height : 8in
Length : 40in
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