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Kinktober Infernal Relations by Tab Kimpton

Kinktober Infernal Relations by Tab Kimpton

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Description : SUITABLE FOR 18+ ONLY Gregor: Desk demon who is shy. And gay. The Ambassador: Trans masc angel who puts the all-powerful back into power bottom. The Prompts: Collar, Begging, Gags, Clothes, Lingerie, Window, Biting, Furniture, Dirty talk, Mirrors, Solo, Bondage, Mutual, Body Worship, Rings, Immobilised, Double or More, Thighs, Aggressive, Edging, Monsters, Milking, Face sitting, Toys, Hands, Over stimulation, Licking, Cuckold, Climax, Cock worship… & Cuddling <3 A little Book of Hot as Hell Erotica from the Desk of Tab Kimpton 32 page mini zine of smut

Item Number : 3-139

Category : Zine

Brand : @honeyedwordspdx


Condition Desc. : New


Height : 5.75in
Length : 4in
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