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Klaus Nomi: A Graphic Biography by Various Artists

Klaus Nomi: A Graphic Biography by Various Artists

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This comic book is a biography of Klaus Nomi with winding explorations into the history of opera, and the East Village Arts scene in the '70s. Klaus Nomi was a musician and performance artist who mastered the Countertenor role in opera and later combined it with Pop music to develop his music career. All the while, dressing in an alien persona. His life was sadly cut short, as he was an early victim of AIDS. He's a very interesting character in LGBTQ+ history, and this book tries it's best to preserve that history and tell his story.

The book is 66 pages long, with color cardstock cover with black and white interiors, and pages measuring 6.5x9''

Here is a list of all of the wonderful artists who did pages for this comic: Ryan Alves, BB Andersson, Ree Artemisa, Eileen Chavez, Amy Churchwell, Alecia Gatlin, Kathleen Gros, Ross Jackson, Avery Jepsen-Minyard, Elodie Kahler, Ira M Leigh, Emily Lewis, E Joy Mehr, Finley Miller, Emily Nilsson, Never Angeline North, Mckensi Payne, Stephen Pellnat, M Sabine Rear, Em Robillard, Sam Szabo, Amie Wilensky, and Liz Yerby. The overall script was done and book design was done by Liz Yerby. Alecia Gatlin researched their portion and created the script for their segment.

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