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Mosaic of the Archangel Gabriel in the Hagia Sophia

Mosaic of the Archangel Gabriel in the Hagia Sophia

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Description : Print by Bug, based on a painting from the 9th century by an unknown artist. Over 30 feet tall, the original mosaic is meant to depict a benevolent protector of sorts. Parts of him have been lost to time, and I chose to re-imagine what those lost parts might look like in a gentler light. All angels are inherently transgender - they are depicted as male, female, neither, and both. And I just think that's neat! Gabriel is often depicted as feminine, but uses masculine pronouns. Choosing to paint him as a trans man feels almost obvious. In the end, it just came down to painting what I find beautiful.

Item Number : 61-18

Category : Digital Print

Brand : @nova_mali


Height : 12in
Length : 8in
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