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Nectar Trans Femme & Non Binary Erotic Comic Anthology

Nectar Trans Femme & Non Binary Erotic Comic Anthology

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Description : SUITABLE FOR 18+ ONLY Nectar is an erotic anthology of delicious, nourishing naughtiness, where each comic has at least one trans femme or non binary main character. For those thirsty for their own resplendent romances, flavoured with that juicy smut flavour our previous anthologies are known for. Our theme is Drink of the Divine. Refreshing interpretations of sublime spirits, indulgence in heavenly hedonism, and tales of frisky folklore and femmelore from the world over. This collection is a refreshing cocktail of different experiences on the trans femme and non binary spectrum (and beyond!), with content warnings before each story to help the reader decide if it’s to their taste, and at least one own voice contributor on each team. Softcover; 196 pages

Item Number : 3-64

Category : Graphic Novel

Brand : @honeyedwordspdx


Condition Desc. : New


Length : 6in
Height : 9.5in
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