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Saying Farewell at Xunyang

Saying Farewell at Xunyang

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Description : Print by Wenwen, based on the Red Coffin from Mawangdui Tomb no.1 painting, circa 2nd century BC, artist unknown. My artwork combines the front and side panels of the red lacquer coffin from Mawangdui Tomb No. 1—a Han dynasty tomb that features gorgeous paintings, decorative patterns, and textiles distinct to Chu culture of early China. The dynamic patterns and battling mythical creatures are sometimes read as the transformations from yin to yang energies and vice versa, which inspired me to reimagine these creatures as embodiments of gender fluidity and the instability of gender.

Item Number : 61-30

Category : Digital Print

Brand : @nova_mali


Height : 12in
Length : 8in
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