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The Great MoonFolk Potion Battle

The Great MoonFolk Potion Battle

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Always wanted to play DnD/TTRPGs but the stars have never aligned? 

Join Lemon (@lemon.droop) for a homebrewed adventure in the land of the Moonfolk!

imagine if you will fantasy ttrpg meets competition show, we'll start with creating your potion maker characters and then it'll be off to the grand hovel for the competition to begin, your imagination and dice will conjure rounds of potions to impress the judges and win the greatest potion prize!! 

Friday March 1st from 5:30-8:30pm, explore a world of magic and mischief, care and chaos, indulge in the ritual tomfoolery that awaits. 

No prior experience is needed! The Moonfolk is made by and for queer, femme, and the otherwise pushed aside people that traditional dnd/ttrpg spaces have historically condescended to, barred access from, and openly vilified. Moonfolk is geared towards beginners and lots of questions are encouraged! Please ask me anything!!!

We will have everything you need, however if you have some favorite dice or a lucky pen feel free to bring 'em down. A week before Lemon will send you an info packet and consent questionnaire - there is no need to read them before you arrive but they can be helpful for those of us who like to prep as much as we can!

This is a fully masked event for fully vaccinated individuals for everyone’s safety ❣️

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