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The Silent Lord (Letters for Lucardo #3) by Otava Heikkilä

The Silent Lord (Letters for Lucardo #3) by Otava Heikkilä

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Description : Terminally ill court scribe Ed Fiedler has finally collapsed from Shifter's Lung, but his lover, the aristocratic vampire Lucardo, has turned him over to the god of all vampires in a last-ditch effort to escape death. An erotic graphic novel that redefines a genre, this highly anticipated third installment of the Letters for Lucardo series takes a dark and foreboding turn in a captivating saga of immortal love. Softcover; 196 pages

Item Number : 3-209

Category : Graphic Novel

Brand : @honeyedwordspdx


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Height : 8in
Length : 5.5in
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