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There Are Trans People Here by H Melt

There Are Trans People Here by H Melt

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Description : There are trans people here in the past, the present, and the future. H. Melt's writing centers the deep care, love, and joy within trans communities. This poetry collection describes moments of resistance in queer and trans history as catalysts for movements today. It honors trans ancestors and contemporary activists, artists, and writers fighting for trans liberation. There Are Trans People Here is a testament to the healing power of community and the beauty of trans people, history, and culture. An unapologetic, abolitionist collection of poetry that reimagines trans futures, and pays tribute to trans liberation history and movements. A critical voice in conversation with Danez Smith's Homie and Kay Ulanday Barrett's When The Chant Comes, these poems are a testament to the resillience, joy and healing power of community.

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