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Description : 16” x 20” acrylic and gouache painting that is primarily abstract. The background is a mint green and has a stripe of outlined pink eyes running from the mid left side of the canvas to the bottom right. There are areas of deep blue and light teal in the bottom third of the canvas; they have many holes in them so the pink eyes can peek through, as well as the background color of mint. Two of these holes are outlined in lime green sequins. A large, dripping blob of bright green slime occupies the background of the top and middle of the painting. Two outlined hands reach out to each other from the top right and bottom left. There is an abstract area of purple sequins in the top left quadrant, mainly obscured by the large, dripping blob of transparent neon pink with a baby pink sequined outline that rests over the entire painting.

Item Number : 84-16

Category : Paintings

Brand : @sampletchergoods


Material : canvas


Height : 20in
Length : 16in
Depth : 1in
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