Gallery of Wonders



My Buddy Dorothy

a gallery show celebrating how queer friendships nestle their way into our hearts with a gentle and caring reckless abandon for how anything is supposed to be

featuring art by Allison Barr @alliisonder | Amie Pascal @amieisfriend | Arsenikitty @arsenikitty | Bella Pixler @pixpixler | Cassy Steuerwald @diddlymarsh | Erika Schnatz @erikaschnatz | Erin MacAdams @erin_m_creates | Fern @fern_werm | Lucy Laube @psychedelic_renaissance_ | Sara K Dunn @hauntingghostaesthetic

signs of certainty
(when navigating the void)

by Mellody Strahan | @jstorrgrrl

signs of certainty is an invitation. I find reflection and stillness the most riveting avenues for creation. My hope is that this show takes you on a walk you didn't know you needed, gifts you the space to unearth beauty in moments of discomfort, and realize peace in times of chaos.

I take pride in showing work that pulls at the threads of a forgotten memory for the viewer; like a film you saw ages ago and just happened upon at the most perfectly inconsequential time. 

Previous Shows


By Maggie Mae Rose | @ochrestar

Within the last few years I’ve been working with fibers and mixed media. Tufting rugs is a healing experience for me, as I am chronically ill, to be able to use my hands and create physical and touchable items is an absolute dream. These pieces are a mixture of fun things from my brain and symbolism regarding my journey having OCD. I am transparent and open to sharing my experiences with having OCD and being an artist with chronic illnesses. Please feel free to share your experiences with me. Thank you for being here. 

Light Changes

a print exchange reveling in iridescence, opalescence, and transparency.

Featuring Pieces by

Alexis Webb | Anna Hite | Lupita Soledad Lopez @lopez09lupiya | Rebecca Xie | The Honey Couple @sonnyshouseof | Alyssa Gee @awormfriend | Lemon Wood @lemon.droop | Mellody Strahan @jstorrgirl | Weston L. Marigold Humphreys @braverun__ | Fern @fern_werm | Taira Creager @tairabeara | Arsenikitty @arsenikitty | Ciara Kapaska @golddustmoth