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Smut Peddler Presents: Sex Machine by Various Artists

Smut Peddler Presents: Sex Machine by Various Artists

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The future of filth is here! The latest in the Smut Peddler series of erotic anthologies, Sex Machine is a stellar array of comics talent taking sex to the furthest reaches of your imagination. Whether it's out in wild space or deep in coded virtual realms, the galaxy's sexiest robots, cyborgs, AI's, and some humans here and there explore their hottest desires in the bravest of new worlds.

Our most wildly inventive collection yet, Sex Machine reminds fans of quality filth why Smut Peddler is the last word in top-shelf sexy comics. Featuring the work of FIONA STAPLES, FAITH ERIN HICKS, MEREDITH MCCLAREN, BLUE DELLIQUANTI, and many more!

Softcover; 224 pages

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