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The Prospects by KT Hoffman

The Prospects by KT Hoffman

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Gene Ionescu, a gay trans man in his third year in the minors with the Beaverton Beavers, is a solid shortstop, but he's no one's idea of a major league prospect. He's just happy to be here, though, getting underpaid six months of the year to play the sport he's loved since childhood-a game that favors underdogs and optimists. He likes to keep his hopes in the day, inning by inning and game by game. But his plans go awry when Luis Estrada-Gene's rival since their college days-gets traded to his team...and promptly takes Gene's position. After Gene's coach forces him over to second base, he and Luis can't manage a civil conversation off the field or a competent play on it-a major issue for the team since their two positions make up the critical keystone combination on the infield. But when Gene finds Luis having a panic attack in their shared hotel room, he offers to start extra practices together. After all, the better Luis plays, the more likely he is to get called up to the majors and out of Gene's life. However, as they grow closer and the Beaverton Beavers gain playoff traction for the first time in over a decade, Gene's private dream of playing in the major leagues becomes a threat to his team's success-as well as his burgeoning relationship.

Softcover; 384 pages

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